Spectrum offers the best bundle deals on the market! The bundle packages we offer allow you to enjoy a cable TV, internet, and home phone at a single discounted rate on one
​low cost bill monthly bill. 


Best Bundle Deals on the Market!

Triple Play Bundle

The Fastest Internet Speeds
Spectrum Internet offers the fastest Internet speeds you can get. Stream video, play online games, download music, upload photos and more across multiple devices in your home without sacrificing performance.

Charter Spectrum Internet™

for 12 months when bundled

Free Charter Security Suite
Free Modem
Speeds Starting at 60Mbps
No Data Caps or Extra Fees
Simultaneously stream videos, downlad music and more

Combine TV, Internet & Phone for the Best Deal

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Charter Security Suite
•$60 value
            •Includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, firewall, spam filter,

              parental control
            •Eliminates purchase of additional virus software

            •Personalized TV and On Demand listings, sweepstakes, news, local
              weather, Yellow Book listings
            •Watch current and past TV shows housed in Charter’s library

10 email accounts of 100 MB each

            •Set up separate e-mail accounts for each household member

Personal web space of 20 MB

Spectrum® Internet brand is owned by Charter Communications® and offers fast internet with virus detection and no data caps. Spectrum® Internet offers fast internet speeds starting at 60 Mbps, which is enough speed to support all the internet-enabled devices in your house. You can stream videos, download music, play online games, upload images and more without sacrificing the speed or performance.

Fast In-Home Wi-Fi

Spectrum® internet consistently offers the fastest and powerful in home Wi-Fi service. The speed and power of the internet service allow users to enjoy internet on all devices with ease. Charter® provides a high performance router that allows users to connect all their devices to the internet. The router is capable of offering high-speed internet consistently with good range and speed. Charter® internet speeds are twenty (20) times faster than the speed of DSL.

Another advantage of choosing Spectrum® Internet, is there no throttle internet and there are no data caps, meaning that the internet speeds will not go down after a set limit of data. The service also offer 24/7 dedicated tech support that can help you solve issues with your account or connection. Above all, the service is available for 39.99 per month for twelve months when bundled with Charter’s other offerings.